13 May

The Separation: From the Desk of 9th Wonder

Peace, Love, Honor, and Respect to everyone

In the wake of allegations, stories, cover ups,  the dismissal of Afrika Bambaataa, the change and struggle of the new power structure, the blatant disregard and disrespect for the victims and their accounts, and countless other factors, that Black Jedi Zulu will no longer operate under the name “Universal Zulu Nation“, effective today, May 13th, 2016

First and foremost, to the individuals that have suffered from child molestation, child abuse, sexual abuse, and the like, we extend our deepest apologies.  We as an organization, a people, or humans alike have no right to place a time limit on a person’s pain, or when they choose to come forward.  It was completely mishandled by UZN from the beginning; showing no empathy or sympathy towards those individuals and their accounts, and, showing no empathy or sympathy to those reading UZN’s statements who have dealt through such abuse.  Black Jedi Zulu is currently working with individuals to form a coalition to protect children from abuse of any kind, and to give them a outlet to communicate their stories without judgement and fear.

I became a member of UZN in 2010 at Rock The Bells in San Bernardino, California, under the direction of Marcus McLaurin, aka King DJ Mark Luv, West Coast Zulu King.  9 months later, I began to build what is now known as Black Jedi Zulu here in Raleigh, NC.  Presently, it is comprised with Lawyers, Professors, Community Activists, Public Speakers, DJ’s, Emcees, B-Boys/B-Girls, Graphic Designers, etc., 38 members strong. Our mission was, and still is, to preserve the culture and it’s rich history, to educate as well as entertain, and to help and serve our community in Raleigh and beyond.

WE WILL INDEED continue to do that.  The name ZULU is not owned, by anyone, but the indigenous tribes in what is now known as the country of South Africa, where we have traveled many times.  We felt a kinship with the ZULU during our time in Johannesburg, the SouthWestern Township (Soweto), and Capetown, South Africa.  We found that our connection with ZULU is much deeper than a shirt, book, application/card, or a medallion.   The Zulu in South Africa taught members of Black Jedi Zulu, that Peace, Love, Honor, and Respect is and should be a worldwide ideal, and can be practiced by anyone.

As children, fans, servants, and now active participants of Hip-Hop Culture and Hip-Hop in Academia, Black Jedi Zulu‘s intent was to GIVE more to the culture and to UZN than it gave them.  There is no way we can ignore the accomplishments of Afrika Bambaataa, Amad Henderson, and many other men and women who took on the task of bringing peace to Bronx River Houses and the surrounding areas in the early 1970’s.  It was indeed a monumental event in history that affects our present day existence.  We truly would not be able to have the careers, occupations, etc. we currently have without those events, along with the strides made by DJ Kool Herc, The Ghetto Brothers, and countless others.  That is history, a history that indeed will never change.

However, due to the recent events, the disorganization, the fight/hunger for power, the countless public statements, the interviews, and the inability to update and move forward as an organization, We as Black Jedi Zulu have decided to create our own history, effective today.  Black Jedi as a group of individuals that CAN and WILL continue to serve, cultivate, and protect the culture as it stands.  We sincerely hope that the principles of Peace, Love, Honor, and Respect continue to shine in everyone, where ever you choose to serve.  May our paths lead us all to preserve the vast culture and subculture we call hip-hop, heal our communities, and to introduce those ideals to new generations to come.

King 9th Wonder
Black Jedi Zulu
Harvard University Fellow Class of 2013
Professor: Duke University and North Carolina Central University
CEO – Jamla Records
“We Must Educate, as well as Entertain” – Curtis Mayfield