02 Nov

Malaika Chelii Broussard Nominated Winston

Congrats to Malaika Chelii Broussard for her Winston-Salen State University 40 under 40 nomination! See her interview below with WSSU Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs:

What is your hometown?
Morganton, NC by the way of Seattle, WA

How long have you been at WSSU?
I have worked for the Division of Student Affairs for 10 years

Where did you graduate from?
I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2001 with a B.S. in Communication Studies

Do you have any interesting personal/professional information?
I have been a hip hop choreographer for over 20 years, I am the proud aunt of eight nieces and six nephews, I pride myself in the work that I do in the community and mentoring on the campus of WSSU.

What is a comment you might have about being selected?
I am humbled at the idea that I would be selected in this capacity.  Many of my friends and family tell me that I am always trying to save the world, but I feel that is what everyone should feel is important.  I will definitely take this opportunity to continue to show others how important it is to open the minds of others to the idea of continuous community service, volunteerism, and walking in their purpose.