“Art, freedom, and the spirit of innovation at it’s core begins with the mind and the honesty of a child. With children, there are no inhibitions and their imagination has no limits. We at Black Jedi Zulu understand the many benefits of exposing a child to the world of arts and arts culture, especially through the spectrum of sound. The ability to create sound landscapes through the concept of rhythm enables a child to expand thought, and think outside the box.

The Maschine MK2 by Native Instruments has been a vessel of thought, expression, creativity and innovation for not only 9th Wonder and the Soul Council, but to thousands of beat makers across the world. To continue those creative ideas into the next generation, Black Jedi Zulu is partnering with Native Instruments in our exciting new venture”Kids Love Beats,” empowering creation through rhythm and sound. We will present students at Universities, Schools, Recreation Centers, and beyond with Maschine MK2s, while also conducting workshops and think tanks around the idea of innovative sound. Through each child, we can create new connections and new thoughts with the next generation. Soul is indeed, universal.”

-9th Wonder

Check back soon for upcoming programs.

Kids Love Beats is a 501c3 non-profit organization.