22 Oct

Ahki Sean Armstrong Teaching in Aruba

In July of 2015, I traveled back to Aruba for the summer Art Rules program. A program designed to inspire kids on the island to explore and learn more about the arts through theatre, dance, music, film, poetry, culinary arts and DJ. Art Rules completed its 6th year this summer and I have been fortunate to be a part of four of those six years.

Whenever asked, I am always more than happy to go because this program is truly about the kids. It’s a great feeling to go somewhere to educate, inspire and cultivate the youth. The kids on the island are quick learners and very talented. I not only go to educate and inspire them, I also go because they always end up educating and inspiring me as well.

This year was a master class two week intensive course. Most of the students had some basic skills and where enrolled to take their skill to the next level. In ten days the course went from basic DJ skills, counting measures, finding the “1”, beat matching and blending to more advanced scratching, transition tips and tricks, genre changes and effective performance skills. The final days of the last week was spent preparing the students for their final showcase, where they get to perform on stage in front of family, friends and many locals.

– Sean Armstrong, DJ Face