On August 20, 2010 at The Rock The Bells Music Festival Zulu King Mark Luv of the West Coast Zulus initiated Ahki Patrick “9th Wonder” Douthit into the Universal Zulu Nation with Zulus King & Queens as witnesses.  9th Wonder was granted permission to charter the Black Jedi Chapter on May 1, 2011, by way of Zulu King Lord Yoda X and Zulu King Mark Luv.  9th began the chapter by selecting 15 members he felt could handle the responsibility and best represent the tenants of the organization. With each year after the chapter would grow in membership. For his work, leadership, dedication to the culture, and accomplishments, in 2014 9th Wonder was soon given the honor of being promoted to King. King 9th Wonder guided the Black Jedi Chapter through 4 revolutions.


On May 13th, 2016, in the wake of allegations, stories, cover ups, the dismissal of Afrika Bambaataa, the change and struggle of the new power structure, the blatant disregard and disrespect for the victims and their accounts, and countless other factors, the Black Jedi Zulus made the decision to no longer operate under the name “Universal Zulu Nation.” Black Jedi Zulu would go on to become a nonprofit organization that would continue to serve the community and preserve Hip Hop culture. They would not let the work they had been doing be compromised by the actions of the leaders of UZN. Black Jedi Zulu is comprised of Lawyers, Professors, Community Activists, Public Speakers, DJ’s, Emcees, B-Boys/B-Girls, Graphic Designers, etc. all dedicated to staying true to the principles of the culture.

There is no way we can ignore the accomplishments of Afrika Bambaataa, Amad Henderson, and many other men and women who took on the task of bringing peace to Bronx River Houses and the surrounding areas in the early 1970’s.  It was indeed a monumental event in history that affects our present day existence.  We truly would not be able to have the careers, occupations, etc. we currently have without those events, along with the strides made by DJ Kool Herc, The Ghetto Brothers, and countless others.  That is history, a history that indeed will never change.

However, due to organizational differences we as Black Jedi Zulu decided to separate and create our own history. As a group Black Jedi will continue to serve, cultivate, and protect the culture as it stands.