Our vision is to improve, inspire, and uplift ourselves and our communities through the preservation of Arts, Culture, and Education.

Our mission as Black Jedi Zulu is to be involved in activities that are positive and spread the tenets of peace, knowledge, truth, serenity, and harmony. The origins of Hip-Hop culture is used as our vehicle of engagement, expression, and community building, in connection with the Arts and Arts Education. We as Black Jedi Zulu have the ability to teach, write, produce, market, promote, publish, and perform while serving the culture and community by all means necessary.  We seek to help eliminate the divisions we see too often in society, by raising the awareness of the foundation of Hip-Hop Culture, and it’s intended purpose.


The community aspect of Hip Hop teaches us to build together as we also continue to develop individually.  Some of the projects we organize and are involved with are Canned food drives; Home and building cleanups; Tutoring sessions, mentoring programs, and other youth/young adult outreach; Seminars, Conferences, and other educational or cultural programming; Newsletters, Magazines, or Books; or Concerts or other cultural events.

Black Jedi Zulu is a 501c3 non-profit organization.